A Course in Miracles

Dr. Tony Ortega has teamed up with friend John, a licensed clinical psychologist and life coach, to offer an exciting new workshop!

As spiritual coaches, both John and Tony use the principles of A Course in Miracles as the basis for the work they do with their clients; showing them how to apply these principles to their lives in order to affect the healing and change they are seeking.

In Living Your Course, John and Tony do the same for you! This is not a Course study group. For each workshop, a topic is chosen representing an emotional or physical issue we all experience in our daily lives. John and Tony use their years of experience in coaching to give you a clear roadmap using the principles of the Course to help you deal with these every day issues in a healing, loving, and peaceful way.

A Course in Miracles offers many principles to help you shift your perceptions from fear to love, allowing you to live a more peaceful, happier life. Several spiritual teachers base their work on the Course, including best-selling authors Marianne Williamson (A Return to Love, The Law of Divine Compensation) , Gabby Bernstein (Spirit Junkie, Miracles Now), and August Gold (The Prayer Chest).

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