Being an extrovert requires being around people. Extroverts enjoy being around people and talking to others. They enjoy socializing, parties, and events. Usually, they are not homebodies. If they are working remotely, which is usually a solo gig, there is no ability to be an extrovert. Your face-to-face contact is limited to FaceTime/Skype screens. While it may give you a taste, it's like having Diet Coke when you are really a Coca-Cola drinker. Working remotely is, essentially, cutting off the source of one of extroverts’ major pleasures in life.

The reality is if you are facing quarantine because of COVID-19 safety guidelines and you are an extrovert, you are going to have to get creative so as to not lose your mind during the recommended two-week quarantine. If you cannot actually socialize with others, you may want to consider Zooming/Skyping/FaceTiming folks. Zoom and Skype allow for multiple participants in a video call. Have some of your friends join you in solidarity to stay home for a bit and have a virtual brunch over Skype/Zoom. It is definitely cheaper and you will have some contact.

If you are feeling up to the task, see if a local agency has need of phone volunteers, such as a helpline. Again, while this does not serve the same purpose as face-to-face contact, it does give you some ability to interact with others and help out folks during a very scary time. If this is not an option, now is a time to get a hold of some of those family members and/or friends you may have not been so connected to and touch base with them. Just because you are physically quarantined does mean you can't connect with folks digitally.

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