Professionals are feeling the hit on all levels. Management is frantically taking care of their own selves and loved ones. They will also need to provide support for their staff and address their needs. And lastly, they need to figure out ways to maintain things financially. If you’re not in management, then the first and the last apply a bit as well. This is affecting everyone on a physical, emotional, mental, and financial level. So many unknown factors will weigh heavily into the anxiety professionals are feeling.

Take this time to get creative with your business. We are starting to see in the entertainment world free streaming services emerging so folks can still catch performances and the like that have been cancelled due to the need of social distancing and quarantine. How can the delivery of your work/business shift into a different form yet still provide what your consumers need? Essentially, figure out a way to have “business as usual”—but how it shows up looks different.

Let your call to action be one of unity. This virus does not discriminate; therefore, we are all at risk. How can you, through your business, rally people and make them feel a part of something bigger instead of feeling the anxiety of social distancing and quarantine? Can your business/services offer something to the community at a reduced price, or even free? Get people to know how you are by letting them know who are regardless of the pandemic. Who you are is amazing. You know the “you” I am referring to. Allowing anxiety to consume you just covers up your amazing self. Face the anxiety and work through it instead of allowing it to control you.

Remember the stock market crash of 2008? So many professionals lost their livelihood but were able to recreate themselves in a business they had always dreamed of. Perhaps there is something you would rather be doing professionally than what you’re doing now. We still have electricity and internet, so get on your computer or smart device. Do some research. Read other people’s post-tragedy success stories. Jot down notes for a business plan.

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