It seems that spirituality has now become the latest platform for folks to make money. And the cooky thing about it is that they are using money mentality courses to make money. So let me get this straight - I have to spend money I don't have to learn how to make money I don't have. Help me understand how this makes sense. It only makes sense to the peddlers out there selling this dribble. I learned how to make money from a man who lived in poverty most of his young life. His name was Juan Antonio Ortega, my father. His philosophy - work hard and always do your best. I got that shit for free folks and it's worked wonders for me. Why is this now a business? UGH. Well, you guessed it - here is your diagnostic criteria to figure out who the MMH's are out there.

1 - All they ever talk about is money. Any conversation you have with them always revolves around money. How much they made. How much they spent. What’s their next trip. How they have money mentality which is why they always have money. While they talk about money, they make is sound like they shit money. When the conversation goes to a different topic, they bring it back to money.

2 - OMG, these ho’s are always traveling. Like for real, they are always traveling. Ever wonder though are they really in the destination that they say they are? They are always in some cottage or a beach but what if it’s just somewhere in the United States and they have a great virtual assistant who helps them with their travel pics.

3 - They are also always shopping. Do you ever wonder what’s in those shopping bags? Yes, it’s a Louis Vitton shopping bag big enough to carry an overnight bag but in actuality, they just bought a keychain and asked the cashier for a big bag and conveniently took a picture in front of the store. They never show you what they actually bought. They just show the bags. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

4 - All of their pics (including selfies) are staged better than a Broadway Musical. They never have red eye in a pic, for example. Filters, filters, and more filters. It almost seems like they never take a bad pic. Like never. And isn’t funny how their more panoramic pics always contained discreetly placed designer handbags and shopping bags.

5 - They sell courses or coaching programs. These courses and programs are astronomically priced (duh?). They make you wrong by not taking them up on this offer to be overnight millionaires like them and covertly (sometimes overtly) shame you into buying them. When you don’t get the results they basically guaranteed, they say that it’s your fault because you were clearly not high vibing.

I would post examples of MMH's, however, since money is the end all/be all of their lives, will sue me but if you google the right terms, you will find who I am talking about.

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