Perpetrator number 1 of the folks who are making the quest for spirituality and metaphysics a total joke. I have included a diagnostic criteria for what I call Pop Culture Spiritualists so that you can spot them:

1 - Use IG stories A LOT. At least 10 per day. Per every 3 stories, they insert a selfie of them doing something very trendy and very spiritual like drinking matcha tea. On the other story posts, they chat incoherently about a trendy topic like last night’s episode of The Bachelor.

2 - When one of their friends is attacked on their thread on social media by a follower, they will side with the follower instead of the friend as to not lose social media following. When said friend confronts them, they will say, “Oh, I am sure they didn’t have bad intentions” or “You and I handle conflict differently.”

3 - Has more than 5 unfollow apps to keep track of their likes, follows, and unfollows. They check said apps at least once an hour when they take a break from their IG stories.

4 - They don’t have a full-time job as that is not very spiritual. They have contract jobs or “coaching” work which they make it look on social media that they are making millions. However, they have not taken any real certification course to be a life coach, only been told to coach by a famous spiritual teacher over a weekend class.

5 - Engage in heavy affiliate marketing to supplement their income, or lack thereof. They use this as an excuse to give away for free their own courses that failed miserably when they tried to sell it on their own in the hopes they will gain some notoriety by associating their abismal product with that of a famous person. Much later, they advertise that their product sold out when in actuality they did better on the affiliate marketing than their product alone.

6 - They are always attending the trending seminars. How they can afford all of these seminars is anyone’s guess.

7 - They make sure that they take pictures with famous people to give off the impression that they and said famous person actually know each other when they really just paid extra for a meet and greet for a seminar.

8 - They judge others publicly on social media when they are not engaging in the latest spiritual trend, however, they will deny that they are judging you. They are taking a stand for your transformation. They have no idea why they are engaging in said trend nor really what the benefit of it is. They just know everyone else is doing it.

As an example, I am including an interaction with a Pop Culture Spiritualist that I had on Facebook. I had commented on a "friend's" thread as he wanted to rent a cabin in the woods to write his novel. Having written a book and having encountered the mind tricks that are played to delay the book, I simply suggested to him to just write as I wrote mine while working full-time. This person has no idea who I am but she's so enlightened that she felt called by God, clearly, to school me on social media.

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