The problem with the spirituality industry is just that - it has become an industry. It used to be a movement of helping others help themselves. It was discovering your inner truth. It was about raw and making real connections in the world. Now, it’s about doing less work and making more money regardless of who you are impacting. It’s about trending topics and social media likes/follows. It has become the joke of the world, almost as big of a joke as Donald Trump. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that folks seeking true spirituality will encounter:

Pop Culture Spiritualists - these are folks that make everything trendy. Just because Spiritually Trending Tammy does something, well they have to do it and shame others that don’t. If they are not shaming others, they post about so much on social media that it becomes almost a passive shaming. And if you’re not doing it, they become all elitist about it and snub your noses at you. They love affiliate marketing. They sell the product of someone else and want to give you their program for free as a bonus. Honey, no one wanted your course initially when it cost money. Why would anyone want your dribble for free?

Spiritually Enlightened Bitches - these are the ones that feel that they are at Gaby Bernstein level when they forget she’s been doing this for 15 years as opposed to their 15 minutes. These are the ones that feel it appropriate to impose their opinion on a social media thread even though they don’t know who the fuck you are. Much like the PCS’s above, they are doing the latest thing, however, they take it a step further. They apply something a guru said that are doing for themselves as part of their personal development and then say that this is the new trend and they must do the same for themselves. The SEB”s are opposed to 8 hour work days but have no problem spending the day making videos and selfies while preaching love and light 24/7 (well actually only two hours per day cuz that’s spiritual AF). Oh, and SEB’s for short. The SEB’s may also engage in affiliate marketing.

Money Mentality Hos - these are my favorites and the ones who will single handedly bring down the community or become baristas when the bottom falls out on their online business (BTW - I have nothing against baristas). Money Maven Ho’s peddle their money mentality courses hiding behind love and light and servicing others. If you make more, you can help more. If you are preaching money mentality, aren’t you also preaching lack mentality? And when they advertise their courses, it’s always them in these remote travel destinations with a caption “Look at what I can do because I make 6 figures. So can you.” This is covert shaming and intimidation. And if your goal is not necessarily to make money but to serve others, why is your price point so damn high? Ms. Juana Gonzalez living in the South Bronx with her two kids can’t afford your prices and she is the one that needs some money mentality training no? And if you have so much money, how about showing folks how you give of service to those who can help either by volunteering (cuz you have all this free time according to your posts) or donating to a worthy cause.

Each one of these lovely individuals will be featured over the course of the next three weeks in the Spiritual Industry expose. Bring your cups cuz I will be serving large amounts of tea.

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