Evaluation Services

I am able to perform evaluation services of many types to meet your needs in English and in Spanish. I only use standardized testing instruments and maintain my practice current with the newest revisions of these instruments. I focus on three types of evaluations, listed below.

Neuropsychological Testing

​​If you are looking for an evaluation related to memory and/or cognitive decline that may be secondary to an injury, illness, or aging; assessment of your overall abilities in different areas of neuropsychological functioning; wondering if you or a loved one has a learning disability; or looking for possible testing accommodations for a school, testing, or licensing board, I provide high-quality testing and reports for your needs.

Psychological Testing

Personality and psychological profiling services are also available to assess the underlying issues that may be of concern to you. These evaluations are usually in the form of comprehensive personality inventories. Qualitative forms of psychological testing are also utilized on a case-by-case basis to fit your needs. Evaluations for gastric bypass surgery psychological clearance are also available.

Forensic Evaluations

If you are seeking immigration removal cancellation or asylum based on psychological factors, evaluations are also available.

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