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I am a cognitive behavioral psychologist and coach who believes that working through irrational beliefs/changing behaviors, as well as working toward value-driven goals, are the keys to successful therapy outcomes. As a culturally competent psychologist and a Latino gay male, I encourage you to explore all parts of your identity. I enjoy the work of building relationships and developing trust with my clients as we work through your issues. I use my skills to help you feel better about yourself in a safe environment, thereby allowing you the opportunity to choose and make thoughtful and significant changes in your life, as well as remove the obstacles to you living your most authentic life.

I am trained as a cognitive behavioral psychologist. I specialize in treating mood disturbances, substance use, and LGBTQ+ counseling. My client focus is on individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. I usually work with individuals and groups. Couples and family therapy are taken on a case-by-case basis.

The day Dr. Tony Ortega accepted me as his client I was a mental wreck. I searched for all kinds of therapists but the road always lead to Dr. Ortega. I had never seen a therapist before and I wasn't sure if he could help me. I thank him for helping me to live my life more "authentically". He was very attentive and present in assisting me to create a life that I could be proud of. Over the course of time we worked on My life, My relationship with my partner, My relationship with my family, and my career. I will recommend him to anyone that is in need of his expertise. Thank you, Dr. Ortega, for being my therapist and becoming a friend.

Marcos M, Brooklyn, NY

Names have been changed to protect clients.

My journey with Dr. Ortega has been marvelous. Prior to our sessions, I did not know what to expect. I arrived at our first session with an open mind and hoped for the best. This choice has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my journey. Dr. Ortega exudes a calming and comforting aura, which makes communicating with him feel effortless. He is tremendously skilled in his field and offers exceptional advice. I have become vigilant due to our sessions, and the progress I have made since our first session has been tremendous. I leave each session inspired. On top of all the information I have attained working with Dr. Ortega, he also introduced me to Metaphysics. This in itself has been life changing. I have since incorporated metaphysics into my daily practice.

Matt F, Brooklyn, NY

Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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