In #IsHeHereYet: Being the Person You Want To Be, Dr. Tony Ortega takes you on a raw, humorous, and thought-provoking journey of the quest for love in a modern society where being single is a perceived epidemic.

Through personal and professional accounts of real-life situations as well as easy yet powerful exercises and meditation tools, you will release the desperate external need to find "The One." Instead, Dr. Ortega will teach you how to be "THE ONE" and see what (and who) shows up...

Geared toward gay or straight singles and partnered people alike, #IsHeHereYet helps you walk away with the ability to "date yourself" with joy, confidence, and a greater sense of self. As a result, you will embody the energy of your ideal partner and create the space to naturally attract loving, healthy, and authentic relationships.

"This was an absolute gem of a read. Dr. Tony Ortega really did a fantastic job of letting his creative voice and vision bubble away page after page. I truly felt like I was conversing with a friend and those moments of "I've been there!". This book is easily recommended to any of my LGBT friends based on the inclusive, kind, and mindful discussion of even potentially troubling or awkward topics. His Miracle Moments he presents in the chapters make FANTASTIC journal prompts and tarot spreads (if you're into that!). The price point is also great and the fact that it ships through Amazon Prime currently makes it a no-brainer. I loved it!"

“My goal for writing this book was to bring about a change in the way we think about dating and relationships. Most books focus on bringing in 'The One.' I wanted to shift the standard and focus on being 'The One,' which is applicable to single and partnered individuals alike. I have successfully used the tools and techniques in this book for years in my private practice and I am excited to share them with readers. By being 'THE ONE,' your whole love life can change for the better.”

-- Dr. Tony Ortega

"This book is more than just a relationship tool. It is a journey of a soul. It is a self-help guide that actually presents itself as a friend talking to another friend. It is open, honest, and very enlightening. This is a course in the human condition and that anyone can find love if you are simply open to it. the exorcises in the book are very informative and something that you can use in almost any relationship or friendships. I am so glad I had the opportunity to read this and that something so relatable is also something so informative. Buy this book; you will not be sorry you did."

For more information, to arrange a meeting with the author, or for a next steps discussion, please contact Dr. Tony Ortega’s literary agent, Helen Lewis, at info@theliterallyagency.co.uk

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